Wyatt on Earth

by Marcia Glaze Wyatt, Ph.D.

About the Author

B.S. Geology (1975): University of Southern California
M.S. Geosciences (2004): Mississippi State University
Ph.D. Geology (2012): University of Colorado

My undergraduate schooling, followed by occasional excursions into teaching and writing, all revolved around geology. But not climate. I fell into that quite by accident. It came about in the most unlikely way, and long after my undergraduate days. It was an unplanned unfolding of events, starting with a geology book I had been writing off and on for years, back when typewriters and life's itinerary ensured slow progress. During one of the 'on' times, I began a chapter on sedimentary rocks. That laid bare my ignorance. Sedimentary rocks are record keepers of past climate - a topic about which I knew little. One thing led to another. Self-guided study morphed that sedimentary-rock chapter into a 300-page tome on climate. I submitted it to Cambridge University Press. The manuscript went to review. Comments were favorable; yet a collective question resounded: "Who is Marcia Wyatt!"  It was a question that changed my life!

Jumping over remaining details of this unscripted journey, here I stand on the other side of that sedimentary-rock chapter, masters and doctorate  now in hand. Never could I have predicted or designed this trajectory of events, nor could I have imagined that such good fortune would have placed so many fine and supportive people along it.

My thesis work was on the Stadium-Wave hypothesis.