Wyatt on Earth

by Marcia Glaze Wyatt, Ph.D.

Welcome to 'Wyatt on Earth'

 by Marcia Glaze Wyatt, Ph.D.



From the smallest scales to the largest, there exists an apparent conundrum: nature is both simple and complex. This observation lies at the heart of my research interests.


Articles posted on this site detail results of research done over the past five years on a  hypothesized multi-decadal climate signal - termed the 'stadium wave'.


The hypothesized 'stadium-wave' signal propagates across the Northern Hemisphere (and perhaps globally) through a network of oceanic, ice, and atmospheric indices.  As it does, the multi-decadal component of the average Northern Hemisphere surface temperature is scripted.  Climate regimes (multi-decadal intervals of a prevailing surface-average temperature trend) evolve in four stages as the hypothesized signal propagates through the climate-index network.


This signal has been documented in a variety of instrumental and proxy geophysical indices throughout the 20th century. The signal is apparent in proxy data prior to the 20th century, as well. It is not captured in model-generated data derived from the CMIP3 data base. The articles and dissertation material posted under "Original Research" explore these hypothesized signal features.