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by Marcia Glaze Wyatt, Ph.D.

From the smallest scales to the largest, there exists an apparent conundrum: nature is both simple and complex. 
From apparent disorder, order emerges. 
This elegance in nature lies at the heart of my research interests.
Welcome to the Stadium-Wave Website!

The stadium wave is a term that refers to a hypothesis of multidecadal climate variability describing climate behavior as a network of synchronized ocean, ice, and atmospheric indices, through which a signal propagates sequentially in an ordered lead-lag relationship - hence, the allusive term, "stadium wave". 
The fundamental view upon which the stadium-wave hypothesis is built is that over long timescales, "parts" of a system organize into a network of interacting sub-systems resulting in collective behavior. Intra-network interactions yield positive and negative feedbacks, together generating an oscillatory behavior.