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by Marcia Glaze Wyatt, Ph.D.


Welcome to "Wyatt on Earth"

A Site For the Love of Science!!!

by Marcia Glaze Wyatt, Ph.D.

From the smallest scales to the largest, there exists an apparent conundrum: Nature is both simple and complex. 
From apparent disorder, order emerges. 
This elegance in nature lies at the heart of my research interests.

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I.      'About the Author' Page
          A short biography

II.   ' Stadium Wave Overview' Page
         Hypothesis of multi-decadal climate variability

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IV.   'Frequently Asked Questions'
          Detailed discussion: addressing often-asked questions
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VI.   'Evolution of the Hypothesis'
         The journey from back-of-the-napkin to hypothesis
VII. 'Essays: Investigations into Climate and Geology' Page
         Essays and reviews: topics in climate and geology